Welcome to The Janitorial Agency's Training Interface!

This site will be your portal to all of your training and development courses through The Janitorial Agency. You will progress through each segment, moving on to the next after you have completed the previous segment. As you complete each segment, you will be notified via email that the requirements for that section are complete. Included in your email will be the password for the next segment to be completed.

Each page has an overview of individual courses, including: what each course will cover, why the information and steps are important to your business, and what is necessary for you to do.

Importance of Training

It is essential that each entrepreneur who desires success with their janitorial cleaning company to receive training. Many think that all they need is contracts and their business will be all set. Unfortunately, it is that type of thinking that makes most businesses fail. Over 94% of cleaning companies fail each year and one of the top reasons is that these cleaning companies don't know how to run their company after they get cleaning contracts. So don't be a statistic!